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Caroline Letrange

Hello, I am the founder and managing director of Eseriani, a marketing agency specialised in building meaningful strategies for professionals in the tourism industry. As a Business Strategist, I assist C-executives and travel entrepreneurs defining emerging trends, assessing & managing risks and collecting data, communications and analytics to add value to their brand. 

Welcome to the Inside Tourism Techdesk!

Why You Should Use The Platform?

Evolving your business to match the changing needs of your clients has become vital, not only to attract new clients but also to retain those who chose your agency in the first place.

The digital Revolution is impacting small and big businesses in the travel sector. Everything has become easily accessible and fast moving: checking online, accessing your boarding pass, connecting to free Wi-Fi, booking your hotel room, getting travel reviews… and companies need to constantly embrace technology to communicate with digitally-savvy customers. 

Technology can improve your day-to-day operations but can also be hugely frustrating. Many travellers have their mobile phone with them on the road so the use of mobile communication has evolved. Well-connected travellers want to receive daily updates, travel deals, delay notifications, text alerts and do not want to be constrained by office hours and opening days. Are you ready?

What To Expect From The TechDesk?

1. Embrace technology

How can travel businesses use technology to their advantage? 

2. Meet with the experts

What is the impact of technology on your travel agency, airline company or hotel business?

Our Guest Experts

3. Discover tools to scale your business

What's the benefit of training your teams and sharing your vision to stay ahead of the game? 


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